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The average time a sales rep gets to detail a product has fallen to under 1 minute. Face-to-Face selling, the cornerstone of pharmaceutical sales and marketing, is in transition. Although still the most influential way to promote your product, there is a growing need to meet the online detailing preferences of physicians by providing invite-based engagements that support and complement your field force efforts against called-upon and non called-upon physicians. Detail360™ is a flexible solution that leverages POA messaging and delivers a 360° integrated approach with direct field force tie-in.
Utilizing state-of-the-art interactive graphics and education paradigms, our e-detailing platform, Detail360™, is customized to meet the strategic objectives of your brand. Modules are interactive, not didactic. Physicians receive your targeted message through engaging educational methods designed to maximize message recall and retention. Physicians are recruited and driven to your e-detailing session through our proprietary multi-channel promotional mix designed to leverage existing physician relationships and provide the right mix of incentives, at the right time, to enhance participation rates.
ROI is measured utilizing our DynamicFeedback™ process. Evaluations are conducted with participating physicians providing continual qualitative and quantitative feedback during the interactive e-detailing process. Program information is complied and provided to sponsoring brands for use in brand sales & marketing efforts.
"Well documented media mix models for established products confirm that by adding additional, less expensive non-personal promotion to detailing, message retention increases by an average of 15 percentage points."
-MM&M, December 2006
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