Rx360™ platform is designed to enhance professional promotion and drive incremental Rxs through integrated, multi-channel communications. Segmenting your brands HVPs, our product awareness initiatives evaluate the unique preferences of targeted physicians through various data points including behavioral, promotional and historical prescribing habits. BrightSpan uses proprietary predictive modeling to optimize promotional allocations on a per physician basis.
This unique program is tailored to your brand's specific strategic objectives within the therapeutic class and competitive set. Rx360™ leverages preferred channels (telesales, direct mail, dinner meetings, teleconferences, e-promotion) to drive product adoption and awareness resulting in NRx, TRx and market share gains.
Rx360™ delivers proven, measurable ROI ranging from 3:1 to 12:1. DynamicFeedback™ ensures continual assessment of program objectives, data points and metrics throughout the duration of the program. Custom, on-demand web based dashboard reporting tools ensure that marketers have access to real time key performance indicators (KPIs) to validate program success.
"The concept of leveraging should be at the heart of every good marketing plan. For example, the impact of a networking event, such as a dinner meeting, can be extended by as much as three and a half weeks with waves of direct mail follow-up, reminding the physician of the key messages."
-MM&M, December 2006
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