PharmacyRx™ is a Pharmacist Counseling Initiative that involves required pharmacy practices of Medicare Part D to create a state of the art educational experience for participating pharmacists and patients. PharmacyRx™ is a disease-management tool providing product-specific information in support of Medication Therapy Management (MTM). The educational information provided by Pharmacy Rx™ is integral to pharmacist/patient counseling sessions at the Point-of-Care.
Utilizing educational modules, pharmacists are trained on current counseling practices focusing on "How to Counsel Patients" as required by Medicare Part D and MTM guidelines. Pharmacists will also receive disease specific training as part of an overall disease management program that is therapeutic class specific. PharmacyRx™ maximizes pharmacists' patient education/counseling skills for Medicare Part D encouraging pharmacist/patient interaction and dialogue by providing disease-specific information in plain language that pharmacists can use with patients to provide a clear understanding of disease state and treatment goals.
Program ROI is measured using our proprietary analysis tool, DynamicFeedback™, that provides qualitative pharmacist/patient responses and quantitative end-points using patient outcomes data. Custom on-demand web based dashboard reporting tools ensure that marketers have access to real time key performance indicators (KPIs) to validate program success.
"Congress coined the term "MTM" in the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003. MTM describes services by pharmacists that help consumers get the best results from their medications through enhanced understanding of medications; increased consumer adherence to medication directions; and prevention of drug complications, conflicts, and interactions."
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