PharmacyExpress™ is a multi-channel communications program designed to reach retail pharmacists with important information about your brand. Whether you are delivering updates on labeling, patient instructions or promotional messaging to stop switching, our proprietary integrated solutions provide the right mix of engagement and leverage to drive results.
From product launches, FDA events and formulary status changes, our solutions "blanket" your target audience with innovative, custom communications that drive awareness. Nationwide or geographic campaigns reach retail pharmacists utilizing direct mail, tele-detailing and fax broadcasting.
Our multi-channel "blanket" approach ensures efficient and effective coverage of targeted pharmacists and delivers timely information with proven message retention and recall. Let us help your brand leverage the retail pharmacy for success!
"Research shows that one-third of all prescriptions are never filled, and 70 percent of patients who begin a pharmaceutical therapy discontinue it within one year. This includes those with chronic conditions that require ongoing drug treatment to prevent progression of the illness."
-Pharmaceutical Executive, March 2008
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