ExperienceRx™ drives physician brand loyalty through enhanced patient persistency and compliance by leveraging the unique physician/patient relationship and a 360° education-feedback loop. Education360™ provides positive reinforcement from patients to their physicians about brand experience and preferences through educational outcomes data.
Strategic programs are tailored to differentiate your brand from the competition by delivering educational messages designed to enhance patient understanding of treatment guidelines, goals, and physician instructions. Patients are surveyed about their understanding of treatment guidelines and goals. Personalized reports are sent to patients' physicians providing direct positive brand experience feedback and reinforcing key therapy benefits and attributes. ExperienceRx™ complements your sales force efforts to drive brand penetration, adoption and market share increases against key targeted physicians and allied health professionals through this unique, education-centric model.
ExperienceRx™ delivers proven, measurable ROI ranging from 3:1 to 12:1. DynamicFeedback™ ensures continual assessment of program objectives, data points and metrics throughout the duration of the program. Custom, on-demand web based dashboard reporting tools ensure that marketers have access to real time key performance indicators (KPIs) to validate program success.
"Research shows that one-third of all prescriptions are never filled, and 70 percent of patients who begin a pharmaceutical therapy discontinue it within one year."
-Pharmaceutical Executive, March 2008
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