LoyaltyRx™ is an in-office compliance and persistency solution that leverages the unique relationship that exists between patients, physicians and pharmacists. Programs are designed to address the specific causes for brand noncompliance and adherence solutions are tailored to meet those challenges.
Employing pharmacy in-store coupons for co-pay reduction, patients receive coupons at the conclusion of their physician visit. Patients are enrolled during coupon activation using an 800# or online through a secure website. Market research is performed at program activation and used for assessing longitudinal endpoints of patient education and bottom-line return for compliance activities. Patients utilize the coupon at their pharmacy for co-pay reduction refills and information is accessed through pharmacy transactions.
LoyaltyRx™ programs have delivered 30%-40% increases in compliance and persistency rates across several major chronic therapeutic classes. Let us demonstrate how we can help drive patient compliance and persistency rates while increasing market share and revenue for your brand!
"Investigating and understanding the underlying brand-specific reasons for lack of compliance, and developing and implementing adherence-specific programs, can help brand managers increase market share and revenues for their brands while significantly improving clinical outcomes for patients."
-Pharmaceutical Executive, March 2008
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