A comprehensive educational initiative.
A large pharmaceutical company with a history of providing pharmacy-based programs desired to implement a pharmacy education initiative in a variety of therapeutic areas designed to leverage the pharmacist-patient relationship and help drive compliance.

The company had a diverse product offering of both ethical and OTC products and desired to increase their favorable standing with pharmacists by providing a "value-added" program that would benefit pharmacists and provide education to their patients.
A comprehensive educational initiative was launched at retail pharmacies. Pharmacists were encouraged to participate in the free service through an extensive enrollment campaign promoted by sponsoring company's pharmacy trade group. This new service provided pharmacists with "up to the minute" product information and patient educational information for use during in-store patient counseling sessions. The goal was to foster better pharmacist/patient communication to drive enhance education and therapy compliance.

Enrolled pharmacists information was maintained on a proprietary database matching pharmacists to store affiliation and other key demographic information.
Registered pharmacists swelled to 100,000 over the course of 10 years. The initiative became the benchmark for all other pharmacist-based programs in the industry. PharmacyRx® provided educational services to 1,000,000 patients during this timeframe. The sponsoring company enjoyed success in the pharmacy market and remains the #1 ranked pharmaceutical company providing patient education to retail pharmacists. PharmacyRx® has increased pharmacists' recommendations of sponsoring company's OTC products, decreased switching of their ethical products, and provided valuable patient education to drive increased compliance rates.